About us


Ecopack Ambalaj Ltd. The company was founded in 2011 with a young and dynamic team, advanced technological machinery and equipment. Since its establishment, it has taken its place in the sector by keeping the product and service quality at the highest level with the continuously increasing training and experience of its employees. It is taking firm steps towards becoming the leader of its sector with its customer satisfaction focused studies and investments.

Our company has a daily production capacity of 100 thousand -150 thousand units on the nonwoven ultrasonic stitched production track . In our state-of-the-art park, we are assertive in offering you quality at the best prices.

We serve you in our specialty, ultrasonic stitched cloth bags, cloth bags and cloth packaging products.

Our features that make us different from our competitors; state-of-the-art infrastructure, maximum attention to deadlines and our long-term work with corporate companies.


To be constantly renewed with our innovative and open view ; With our consumer and customer-oriented service understanding, by constantly raising the quality bar in product and service, meeting customer demands in the most favorable conditions and at the most appropriate time; To provide absolute customer satisfaction with the visual solutions we offer.


To be a leading company that directs design and production by presenting the visual solutions that individuals and institutions need in the advertising industry with a wide perspective using advanced technologies .